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do you want an archimedean lollipop

archimedean lollipop

or an logarithmic one ?

logarithmic lollipop

with this plugin you can create spirals with different shapes, sizes or colors

spiral parameters

there are two spiral modes:

  • archim.
    this mode creates an Archimedean spiral with an equal distance between two windings
  • log
    this mode creates a logarithmic spiral with an increasing distance between the windings
(for more information about spirals please consult a mathematical encyclopedia)

the parameters of the plugin:

  • no
    with this parameter you can determine how much spirals come out of the origin
    values between 1 and 24 are allowed

  • windings
    with this parameter you can adjust how much windings the spiral(s) have

  • width
    you can adjust how the ratio between the spiral and the room in between with this parameter:
    • 0 means there will be no spiral at all
    • 0.5 creates an spiral with an symmetric spiral/room ratio
    • 1 means the spiral touches itself

  • size
    the x- and y-coordinates are multiplied by this value before doing the calculations; a larger value results in seeing more of the spiral

  • rotation
    the spiral is rotated clockwise by this value

  • noise
    if this parameter is non-zero (larger than 0.001 to be exactly) it will cause a distortion of the spirals

  • value mode
    there are different ways to determine the texture value for a point:
    • 0 points inside the spiral gets the value 1.
    • 1 the value is linear increasing from 0. to 1.
    • 2 the value is linear increasing from 0. to 0.5 and then decreasing to 0.
    • 3 same as before but with an quadratic increasing/decreasing
    • 4-7 the behavior is similar to 0-3 but different spirals gets different values or value intervalls

  • no aalias
    with this option you can disable anti-aliasing for this texture even if it was enabled in the render window (it is useful if you use colorbands to avoid artefact effects)

  • ani speed
    you can animate this texture by setting this parameter to a value different from 0; the spiral will be rotated ani speed degrees every frame

  • bump
    you can turn bump mapping on with this button

  • bump size
    you can adjust the bump mapping effect with this parameter

examples here you see a few example pics:

new: these pictures are created with the bump mapping feature


here you can get the C-source and a precompiled version for a linux i386 libc6 and a IRIX system as a gzipped-tar-file:

the spirals plugin

if you've any enhancements, corrections, questions or comments to any of my plugins please let me know