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this is my second version of the dot plugin; after i've figured out how bump mapping works it now has a bump feature

the parameter of the plugin:

the dots2 parameter

the parameters already known from the dot plugin

  • size
  • noise
  • smooth
  • no aalias
have the same function; the new parameters are:
  • single
    if you activate this button, only a single dot is created

  • bump
    this button activates bump mapping for the texture; you also have to activate the Nor button in the material window to use this feature:

    the material parameter

  • bump size
    if bump mapping is activated you determine how much the texture get bumped; if the value is negative the dots are bumped in; bump size can be adjusted between -5.0 and 5.0


here you can see what you can do with the dots2 plugin:

simple un-smoothed dots with bump mapping:

smooth bumped dots

two textures: for the first the bump size was set to 1.0, for the second to 2.0; see the difference?

smooth bumped dots smooth bumped dots2

of course you can still color the dots; here you see two examples with a colorband: a simple one:

colored bumped dots

colored bumped dots

and a texture with noise

noised bumped dots

noised bumped dots


here you can get the C-source and a precompiled version for a linux i386 libc6 and a IRIX system as a gzipped-tar-file:

the dots2 plugin

if you've any enhancements, corrections, questions or comments to any of my plugins please let me know