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ever wanted to have a pink dotted wallpaper? well, here it is:

pink dot-pink dot-pink dot-etc.

with the dots plugin for blender you can create textures like the one above; let's have a look at the plugin:

plugin parameter

the plugin have four parameter you can adjust:

  • size
    with this parameter you can adjust the size of the dots between 0.0 and 1.0; if this parameter reaches 0.5 the dots touch each other; if it is larger they overlap

  • noise
    if this parameter is non-zero (larger than 0.001 to be exactly) it will cause a distortion of the dots (see below)

  • smooth
    this is a toggle button which give the dots a smooth border, which means the texture value raises from 0. at the border to 1. at the center; this can be usefull with layered textures or colorbands

  • no aalias
    this option is new and is not displayed in the snapshots; you can disable anti-aliasing with it for this texture even if it was enabled in the render window


apart from the simple pink dots above you can do:

  • adding noise
    you can distort the dots by increasing the noise parameter; you get a result like this:

    distorted dots

  • combining textures
    here is an example with blue and pink dots in different sizes

    example1 example2

    this can be done by adjusting the sizeX and sizeY parameter in the material window

  • using as an alpha texture
    do you see the red sphere behind the plane?

    hole texture

    you can get this effect by pushing the alpha button in the texture window and setting the mode from mix to sub; have a look at the picture below:

    texture paramters

  • using colorbands
    with the colorband option and smooth dots you can create rings:

    ring texture

    you have to activate the colorband option, add another color and adjust the slider just as in the picture below:

    texture parameters

    we now make the dots larger, add a little noise, modify the colorband and getting this weird picture:

    weird texture

    the parameters for this texture:

    texture parameters


here you can get the C-source and a precompiled version for a linux i386 system as a gzipped-tar-file:

the dots plugin

if you've any enhancements, corrections, questions or comments to any of my plugins please let me know