this page offers programs i've coded; they're small but i found them quite useful;

don't expect them to be perfect, but none the less if you find a bug please send me (bernd breitenbach) an e-mail.

hourglass snapshot 


this is a small tcl script i use to time the brewing of a pot of tea; of course you can use it for timing anything else; it shows an hourglass with sand trickle down inside; you can enter the time the hourglass should run interactivly or specify it at the command line; after counting down the time the hourglass flashes and makes a beeping sound; you can at any time terminate it by pressing the ESC or q key

you can download the program here: hourglass



mclock snapshot 


simply another clock; this small tcl script displays a clock as shown in the picture; you can download the program here: mclock


the scripts above should run on any system with tcl/tk 8.x.x installed

if you don't know what tcl/tk is or don't have it installed, have a look at